The Club at St. Dominic's adds Jackson area's first 'digital' personal trainer

The Club at St. Dominic's has become the first fitness center in the Jackson area to install FitLinxx in its wellness center. FitLinxx is innovative technology that serves as an interactive personal trainer and in the process, takes fitness training to a new level, said Amy Batson, director of The Club at St. Dominic's.

"Extremely user-friendly, FitLinxx is a computerized support system mounted directly on the exercise equipment," said Batson. "We have installed it on 11 strength machines and 15 pieces of cardio equipment and look forward to debuting it to our members on November 1. It's a great way to track your progress, stay motivated and achieve measurable results."

Batson said staff members will introduce members to FitLinxx and set them up on the system by providing information that allows the program to retain individualized data. Once they are in the system, FitLinxx provides members with instant training feedback and recommended exercise programs for cardiovascular and strength machines.

One of the greatest benefits of FitLinxx is it measures fitness progress, an important factor to those who are serious about increasing their health and fitness levels, Batson said.  FitLinxx tracks each member's workout and displays their data on the small screen attached to each piece of equipment.

FitLinxx will also tell each person the amount of weight to use, the number of repetitions, range of motion, seat settings and more. Members can also login from home to record outdoor exercise activities like walking or bike riding. Members of all ages can use this simple yet powerful system, Batson said.

"FitLinxx is a digital personal trainer that really takes the 'work' out of a workout," she said. "Having to keep up with your training plan and document your progress can take a lot of time away from your workout.  When you work out on a machine equipped with FitLinxx, the work is done for you."

While FitLinxx has been likened to a personal trainer, Batson said the technology will serve as a companion to, rather than a replacement, for The Club's team of professional personal trainers.

"Our trainers will always be available to assist members with their fitness goals," she said. "FitLinxx enhances the services we provide and is especially beneficial for those who prefer a more autonomous workout. It just adds a new dimension to fitness and offers our members the most complete fitness center in Jackson."