St. Dominic Hospital Acquires Madison Medical Imaging

St. Dominic Hospital has acquired Madison Medical Imaging located in the Highland Medical Arts building in Madison to meet the area’s needs for imaging services. Madison Medical Imaging is now operating as part of St. Dominic’s imaging services and will be called St. Dominic’s Madison Medical Imaging.

 “The acquisition was made possible by working with Lakeland Radiologists, who are physician partners with St. Dominic Hospital. Both St. Dominic’s and Lakeland Radiologists felt the outpatient imaging center would be best positioned for the future as part of the hospital with the many changes occurring in healthcare today,” said Lester Diamond, Executive Vice President of Operations at St. Dominic Hospital.
St. Dominic’s will continue its relationship with Lakeland Radiologists in both the hospital and outpatient imaging settings. Lakeland Radiologists will continue to provide interpretation of images at St. Dominic Hospital’s radiology department and Dominican Plaza as well as St. Dominic’s Madison Medical Imaging.
Scheduling patients at St. Dominic’s Madison Medical Imaging will now be done through St. Dominic Hospital and can be accessed at 601-853-9149.
“We will strive to keep the same integrity and service that has already been established at St. Dominic’s Madison Medical Imaging,” Diamond said.