The Club at St. Dominic's Named as Having One of the Top 25 Aquatics Programs in the Country

The Club at St. Dominic’s was recently recognized by the National Aquatic Program as having one of the top 25 aquatic programs in the country. The National Aquatic Program was designed to encourage the development and recognition of outstanding overall aquatics programs, specific parts of aquatic programs and aquatic directors throughout the country.
“The Club at St. Dominic’s staff works with its members in making the facility one that adheres to the mission of Christian healing upheld by St. Dominic’s, said Amy Batson, director of the Club at St. Dominic’s. “We love what we do and we are grateful for the recognition of our efforts to help make our community a healthier place."
The Club at St. Dominic’s not only received the award as one of the top 25 in the country, but they are the only club and/or health facility in the state to receive this prestigious recognition.
"St. Dominic's has set itself apart from other facilities in the area as being both a leader in health care and wellness, said Deidra Bell, CPA, executive vice president and CFO of St. Dominic Health Services, Inc. “We strive to bring awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to all parts of the community."