St. Dominic's Units Reach One Year of

No Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections

(September 21, 2012, Jackson, Miss.) St. Dominic's units 4 South ICU, 3 West ICU, and Cardiac Vascular Recovery have all reached the significant milestone of achieving one year without a central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI).


St. Dominic's 4 West ICU was the first unit to reach the milestone in April of this year.


All four units have been involved in a Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) to improve the safety culture of the unit. The CUSP is modeled after the approach used by a team from Johns Hopkins University, led by Peter Pronovost, in what is widely known as the Keystone Project.


St. Dominic's was the first hospital in the Jackson-metro area participating in the CUSP CLABSI project to reach the one-year milestone.


CLABSI continues to be one of the most deadly and costly hospital-associated infections in the U.S., with an estimated 250,000 CLABSIs occurring in hospitals each year.


"To have four critical care units reach and maintain zero CLABSIs for greater than one year is a significant patient safety accomplishment,” said Steve Bomgardner, Vice President of Patient Care Services at St. Dominic’s. “It is the result of a commitment by St. Dominic’s to provide the highest quality patient care and an exceptional encounter everytime through teamwork and the true concern for our patients.”


CLABSIs fall within a category of primary bloodstream infections that are associated with the presence of a central line at the time or before the onset of the infection. Primary bloodstream infections are those in which there is no obvious source and can result in serious complications, prolonged hospital stays and increased cost and risk of mortality.


Annette Joyner, 4 South ICU Nurse Manager at St. Dominic's, said providing quality patient care is a top priority for her unit. "It is through the dedication to quality patient care and a desire to be above the national benchmark for hospitals that our team has achieved one year CLABSI free status," she said. "The team uses the CUSP outline to reduce infections and continue to make St. Dominic Hospital the choice for health care."

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