St. Dominic’s Earns FairWarning®’s Highest Achievement for Patient Privacy

Pictured, left to right: Matthew Smith, Senior Systems Engineer; Ernie Fortenberry, Senior Applications Analyst; Lester Diamond, President of St. Dominic Hospital; Dena Boggan, HIPAA Privacy/Security Officer; Robert Portwood, Senior Applications Analyst, and Keith Van Camp, Vice President of Information Technology and Facilities.

September 5, 2013, Jackson, Miss.

St. Dominic's is the first hospital in the nation to receive the FairWarning® Ready Certified Care Provider’s highest achievement award, Master Achievement Level. This award demonstrates St. Dominic's dedication to protecting patients’ privacy.

"St. Dominic's is honored to receive this designation because protecting patient information is a top priority for our hospital," said Lester K. Diamond, FACHE, President of St. Dominic Hospital. "We respect the privacy of our patients and want them to trust our ability to keep their information secure during and after treatment at our facility. We strive to ensure the highest level of care and protecting patient's privacy is one aspect of that care."

St. Dominic's is taking cutting-edge measures to ensure sensitive patient information is protected at all times, and patient privacy monitoring is one of the essentials components.

For a patient to receive the best possible care, a growing number of physicians, clinicians, administrators and affiliates must have access to patient information. While the vast majority of those involved in the patient's care use sound judgment, a care worker may mistakenly or purposefully access patient information that is not necessary to care for the patient. FairWarning®’s patient privacy monitoring solutions provide St. Dominic's with the ability to detect these anomalies, train staff and prevent future occurrences. Patient privacy monitoring is also essential to HIPAA, other federal and state law compliance.

The “FairWarning® Certified Care Provider” designation also includes staff and patient education materials, as well as best practices, giving patients the confidence to share sensitive information, resulting in more comprehensive diagnoses and better care outcomes.

Dena Boggan, St. Dominic’s HIPAA Privacy/Security Officer, ensures patient privacy guidelines are followed. She is a graduate of the inaugural FairWarning® Ready Certified Training Program and is a certified FairWarning® Ready Certified Master Professional.

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About FairWarning®

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