St. Dominic's Recognized for Cardiac Excellence

St. Dominic Hospital has received a top national ranking for clinical excellence in cardiac services, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  According to USA Today, St. Dominic's is tied for the 5th safest place for heart attack outcomes in the United States as compared to all hospitals.  CMS recently published online at their best estimates of heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia death rates for every U.S. hospital for two years.  

Dr. Clay Hays, Executive Medical Director of St. Dominic's Mississippi Heart Institute and a cardiologist with Jackson Heart Clinic, said the top ranking comes as a result of various initiatives and a stronger commitment to cardiac excellence adopted by the hospital in 2005.  "This latest ranking is also a direct result of St. Dominic's myocardial improvement initiative tailored after a similar one at the Minneapolis Heart Institute," said Hays. "Based on their success, we decided to develop our own Level I Heart Attack program, which has helped create improvements and faster times in to the Cath Lab."

"This latest data confirms St. Dominic's is among the nation's best hospitals in treating and performing
interventional cardiac procedures on patients," said Dr. Richard Rayford, a cardiologist with Jackson
Cardiology Associates and medical staff member at St. Dominic's.  "This honor just reinforces our
patients' belief-St. Dominic Hospital offers the state unparalleled excellence in cardiac care."

Claude Harbarger, President of St. Dominic Hospital, praised the efforts of all staff members, particularly those involved in cardiac care, in helping the hospital achieve the top rating.  "Quality patient care, particularly in the important area of cardiac services, has always been one of our top priorities," said Harbarger. "Receiving this objective ranking validates the efforts that physicians, surgeons, nurses and staff deliver to patients every day."