Patient Stories


"Sharing More Than Love"

View Delbert and Yvonne's Story       

Delbert and Yvonne Edwards were both unknowingly living with a defect in their hearts, known as "atrial septal communication" or "patent foramen ovale." This defect stems from an opening normally present during development in the womb.


"I Survived Cancer of the Larynx"

View Eaker's Story       

Eaker Washington's melodious tenor voice not only earned him a spot in his church choir, it was one of his defining trademarks. "My ability to make a joyful noise to the Lord really meant a lot to me," said Washington, a member of Brownsville Baptist Church in Bolton.


"I Was Cured by Endovascular Procedure"

View Gary's Story       

Gary Gray’s minimally invasive surgery at St. Dominic’s Hospital did more than avert what could have been a serious health problem. It changed the course of a 38-year military career.


"I Survived Aortic Dissection"

View Joey's Story

On a spring Wednesday evening, Joey Carpenter had everything a 34-year-old man could ask for, a successful marriage, a second child on the way, and a rewarding career as an educator. He decided to spend the evening doing something he loved, turkey hunting.


"I Survived Open Heart Surgery"

View Teresa's Story

Longtime Jackson, Mississippi resident Teresa Boutwell was a healthy, 44-year-old mother of three with a great career.


"I Survived Blocked Arteries"

View Richard's Story       

Recently, Richard Pippin polished off a bucket of balls at the driving range, went a few holes, and finally finished a full round of golf. Not bad for someone who once couldn't get enough energy to haul his clubs to the car.  


"I Survived Breast Cancer"

View Shena's Story       

Every three minutes in the US, a young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. While she had heard the statistics, at the age of 24, Shena Snow didn't think she'd be one of them, at least not at this stage in her life.


"I Survived a Heart Attack"

View Tim's Story       

Tim Eiland, a school teacher, baseball coach and lifelong resident of Winona, Mississippi was preparing for the upcoming school year when a funny feeling set over him.


"I Survived Atrial Fibrillation"

View James' Story       

James Ridinger has a job everyone from little boys to grown men dream of attaining. While it sounds like a glamorous life, his work as a locomotive engineer is a demanding one that keeps him on his feet as he operates the train's controls.


"I Survived a Heart Attack"

View Reginald's Story       

Reginald Grant should not be alive today, much less be able to return to his job. Thanks to a security camera and treatment at St. Dominic’s in the form of a stent and a relatively new treatment called therapeutic hypothermia, Grant is back driving a massive tractor-trailer over the open roads.


"We Survived Cancer Together"

View Pat & Charles' Story       

James Charles and Pat Burrage, known as Poppi and Nani to their four grandchildren and the Brandon, MS.  community, had shared a lot in their nearly 50 years of marriage, including a birthday. But they never expected to share simultaneous diagnoses of cancer in the spring of 2009.


"A Killer Headache"

View Mary's Story       

Mary Easterling was driving to work when a sudden and severe headache hit during her morning commute. Easterling’s headache turned out to be an aneurism or rupture in a vessel wall of her brain but the rapid response of St. Dominic’s stroke center team saved her life.


"My Legs Are My Money"

View Kenneth's Story       

Kenneth Richmond, a delivery driver, developed blood clots in his legs following and emergency surgery. The clots caused so much pain and swelling that Richmond could hardly walk, much less work. In a very short amount of time, the skilled team at St. Dominic’s Mississippi Heart and Vascular Institute was able to get Richmond walking and working again.


"Overcoming a Family History of Cancer"

View Scott's Story       

Scott Tatum’s father died of cancer, his brother died of cancer and his mother had colon cancer when Tatum was diagnosed with cancer as well. Thanks to a quick thinking St. Dominic’s doctor and a surgical robot, Tatum was soon back running his machine shop, cancer free.