Psychiatric Services

St. Dominic's Psychiatric Services is dedicated to excellence in caring for many adult psychiatric conditions. Over the years, St. Dominic’s has earned a strong reputation for early identification of emotional disorders and for rendering appropriate medical diagnoses and treatment. Staffed by board certified psychiatrists and highly skilled clinicians, psychiatric services include:

Inpatient Program

A setting that operates on the level system in order to give the patients more appropriate care for their current level of functioning. We offer a comprehensive range of services on an inpatient level that include:

  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Activity Therapy
  • Specialized Treatment Plans
  •  Electro Convulsive Therapy
  • Case Managers
  • Access to the medical services of the hospital as needed
  • Skilled nursing staff egistered pharmacist
  • Registered dietitian

Aftercare and Family Program

Family involvement is encouraged on all levels of treatment. Family education groups are held routinely to educate family members about mental illness and possible ways to cope with their loved one’s particular condition. Aftercare appointments are scheduled before the patient leaves the hospital.

For more information about St. Dominic’s Psychiatric Services, call (601)200-3090 or (800)632-5907.