Cancer Physicians & Clinicians

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology care at St. Dominic’s is provided by highly trained, experienced, board-certified oncologists. Jackson Oncology Associates has an office conveniently located in St. Dominic’s Cancer Center. The group has extensive training in Internal Medicine, Oncology and Hematology and provides diagnosis and treatment on both an outpatient and inpatient basis for cancer patients as well as for patients with blood disorders such as leukemia, anemia, and low platelet count. Medical oncologists use chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy to treat the various cancers they encounter.

  • Bobby L. Graham, M.D.
  • Manubhai S. Patel, M.D.
  • Guangzhi Qu, M.D.

Radiation Oncology

At St. Dominic’s, radiation oncology techniques including image-guided radiation thereapy (IGRT) and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) to precisely deliver radiation to tumors.  These procedures accurately target the tumor and tissues at risk for cancer, while sparing adjacent normal tissue. Radiation therapy offered at St. Dominic’s Cancer Center offers the latest Varian technology and treatment machines with multileaf collimation and real-time treatment Portal imaging.

St. Dominic’s Cancer Center has been performing stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) since 2001 using our innovative BrainLAB software. St. Dominic’s is unique because we use an M3 multileaf collimator (MLC), which shapes a radiation beam to the shape of the tumor from each perspective. The radiation beam is molded to the shape of the tumor from every angle - which targets the highest dose of radiation into the tumor, sparing the healthy tissue around it. Radiation Oncology of Mississippi has offices conveniently located in St. Dominic’s Cancer Center and is staffed by Dr. Sidney A. Johnson and Dr. Eric Balfour.

  • Eric L. Balfour, MD
  • Richard B. Friedman, M.D.
  • Sidney A. Johnson, M.D.
  • David A. Wahl, M.D.
  • Steven E. Zachow, M.D.

Gynecological Oncology

Gynecological oncology provides comprehensive treatment for women diagnosed with a malignancy of the genital tract. These include cancers of the ovary, uterus, cervix, fallopian tube, vulva, and vagina.  St. Dominic’s team of gynecological oncologists is subspecialty trained physicians in the board-certified division of gynecological oncology. Each of our physicians trained for three additional years beyond residency in advanced pelvic surgery, chemotherapy and comprehensive cancer care.

Jackson Gynecological Oncology is located in St. Dominic’s convenient West Medical Tower. The group provides outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy, in addition to both inpatient and outpatient surgery for women who have been diagnosed with a gynecologic malignancy or who have signs and symptoms of one of these cancers.  The group was the first in Mississippi to perform the minimally-invasive DaVinci hysterectomy.

  • Paul Seago, M.D.

Radiation Physics & Dosimetry

Our radiation physicist takes precise measurements of the radiation equipment output and ensures that the machine delivers the precise dose of radiation.  The dosimetrist aids in carrying out your treatment plan by carefully calculating the dose of radiation you will receive and the daily machine settings/parameters.

Radiation Therapists

The radiation therapist delivers a prescribed course of radiation therapy as set forth by your radiation oncologist and maintains daily records of these treatments. The radiation therapist takes weekly x-rays of your treatment site to ensure that proper positioning is accurately maintained throughout your radiation treatments.

Radiation Therapy Nursing

Your radiation therapy nurse is a registered nurse trained to implement the plan of care your radiation oncologist sets up. They administer medications, and monitor any possible side effects or adverse reactions.

Nutrition, Social Services & Pastoral Care

At St. Dominic’s Cancer Center, we know and understand the impact that major surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy treatments can have on a cancer patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual strength.

Our registered dietitian is available to develop individualized nutrition strategies to make meal time a pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable time while incorporating high calorie, high protein dietary selections. We strongly encourage family members to participate in the patient’s nutrition counseling.    

Our social worker provides educational programs, information resources, counseling and a host of other services that can help cancer patients and their families learn to adapt to the changes in their lives. It is important that our patients be aware of community resources, receive financial counseling when needed, and have access to home care planning. Our social worker works exclusively with cancer patients and their families to help find the strength to face the challenges cancer can bring.

Pastoral Care is provided to help individuals strengthen their own spirituality and deepen their faith. The Pastoral Care staff may not cure your illness but they can help to heal the hurts of our heart. Our pastoral care representative comes as a friend during a difficult time of life and can contribute to your overall well-being and recovery.

Patient Education

Our Oncology Educator provides educational courses and information for new and existing patients in radiation and medial oncology.  We strongly encourage family members to participate in the patient’s cancer education.

Patient Navigation

Our Patient Navigator ensures continuity of care for oncology patients and is available to answer questions you may have for new and existing patients in radiation and medial oncology.

Cancer Registry

Because cancer has such a profound effect on our society, an information collection system was devised to identify the characteristics of cancer patients. It is called the Cancer Registry. Although you or your patient may never meet with them, a Cancer Registrar at St. Dominic's will follow your patient’s progress during and after your treatment. The Registrars are specially trained in current cancer care trends, information collection and evaluation, and basic statistics.

Lymphedema Therapy

The Lymphedema Therapy Clinic at St. Dominic’s Cancer Center is staffed by experienced professionals with advanced training and certification from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. Our lymphedema team provides therapy to improve the condition of lymphedema–swelling of a body part–that can be caused by trauma, cancer treatment, venous insufficiency or other factors which cause excessive swelling. For more information see the Lymphedema section under Technological Advances.