Cardiopulmonary Rehab Center

St. Dominic's Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services rounds out the complete range of cardiovascular services offered by St. Dominic's. Staffed by healthcare professionals specially trained in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, the Rehab Center is available for both St. Dominic's patients and others in the community.

The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to bring medical and surgical heart patients back to an optimal level of health after a heart attack, surgery, balloon procedure, or other heart related conditions or procedures.

Rehabilitation begins shortly after discharge. Patients return to the Rehab Center on an outpatient basis by physician referral and begin a structured rehab program. Patients come to the Center three times a week and exercise while being monitored for heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. One-on-one educational sessions are held with the rehab staff which includes dietitians, behavioral counselors, respiratory therapists and pharmacists.

Once the prescribed rehabilitation program is complete, patients have the option to transition to St. Dominic's The Club at St. Dominic's  to continue their journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about cardiopulmonary rehabilitation at St. Dominic's, call (601)200-6185 or email us at