Women's Services

Maternal & Newborn Care Center

At St. Dominic's we believe that the birth of every child is a gift from God - a miracle to be celebrated.

Our Maternal & Newborn Care Center was designed with the comfort of new mother's in mind. Each woman has individual physical, emotional and spiritual needs and our staff understands and caters to these needs. Your patients will experience a comprehensive level of care including spacious private Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) rooms and a professional and knowledgeable care team to assist you and your staff as well as your patient and their family.   We have an experienced team of OB/Neonatal educators to provide information and assistance through each phase of pregnancy.  Prenatal classes for grandparents and siblings as well as classes to prepare new parents are held on a regular basis. 

For a list of Prenatal Education classes and ways to register, click here.

Features at St. Dominic's Maternal & Newborn Care Center:

  • Comprehensive prenatal education programs
  • Infant CPR classes
  • Board Certified Neonatologists
  • Lactation Support (Watch Video)  
  • Infant Security System
  • Internet Nursery
  • 24-hour in-house Nursery channel
  • Welcome basket for mom and baby
  • Courtesy follow-up call to check on discharged moms and babies
  • Easy access to our follow-up newborn clinic
  • 24-hour Prenatal Specialists and Lactation Consultants help line
  • Also, personal trainers are available to tailor fitness routines, and water exercise classes are available for both prenatal and postnatal wellness through The Club at St. Dominic's

Natural Family Planning

NFP is a scientifically based method of family planning. It is inexpensive and a drug-free alternative to family planning.  If your patients want to learn more about Natural Family Planning, please direct them to the Maternal & Newborn Care Center at (601)200-6934.

The Center for Women's Health

Convenience and customer comfort have become a reality in Jackson for women who want to stay one step ahead of breast cancer.  The Center for Women's Health is perhaps the most thought-out and well-planned breast health facility in our area.  Focusing on total patient comfort and customer service in a relaxed setting, the Center offers state-of-the-art digital screening and diagnostic mammography, as well as breast ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy procedures. 

The Center for Women's Health operates as a collaborative effort of radiologists, surgeons and highly skilled technicians and support personnel to offer the widest range of breast care services available.  In addition, the Center houses current educational materials for women who want to learn more about breast health or procedures to detect and diagnose breast cancer.

Located in Dominican Plaza, the Center allows physicians to refer patients for procedures or for women (under a physician's care) to schedule their own screening mammograms.  As for other added conveniences, valet parking allows for easy access to the facility, full-length robes are  provided for patients instead of hospital gowns and the surroundings resemble a comfortable living room rather than a waiting room.

When it comes to breast health, St. Dominic's believes women have every right to the most advanced technology and unparalleled attention to all aspects of customer service.  The goal of St. Dominic's Center for Women's Health is to set the standard for breast care services in Central Mississippi.

For more information about St. Dominic's Center for Women's Health, call (601)200-4935, or to schedule a procedure for your patient, call (601)200-6732.