Before Surgery

At St. Dominic's Bariatric Surgery Solution we are committed to providing you clear, thorough information about weight loss options designed to help you make the best decision for your immediate and long-term health. Helping you successfully prepare for weight loss surgery is our top priority.

You can expect to undergo a series of consultations and evaluations. A detailed comprehensive program has been developed to ensure your long-term health and safety pre- and post-surgery.

Step 1 Attend our free information session

(Fill out and submit the form on this page)

Step 2 Confirm Bariatric Surgery Insurance Information

Be proactive and call your insurance company to ask if bariatric surgery is a covered benefit. Our office will call and verify your benefits to make sure the procedure you are requesting is covered as well.

Step 3 Meet Our Bariatrics Team

Meet with the surgeon to discuss your medical history and current health status to decide which procedure is right for you.

Step 4 Psychological Evaluation

Every patient will undergo a psychological evaluation from a psychologist.

Tests to expect prior to surgery

Additional tests and studies may be ordered depending on your current health conditions.

Additional Information