The St. Dominic's Difference

At St. Dominic's Bariatric Department, we offer life long follow-up care and education. We have nurses and registered dietitians dedicated to helping our patients with their journey.

When you choose St. Dominic's you will feel the difference right away. Your unique visit begins with a staff that strives to provide an E3 experience to patients. The St. Dominic's E3 experience is an Exceptional Encounter, Everytime. Our caregivers have a wide range of expertise in many fields of discipline. We offer the latest and greatest in technology, techniques and procedures to ensure every patient will have the best possible outcome.

Today considered one of the region's most comprehensive hospitals, St. Dominic's boasts outstanding facilities offering a variety of programs and services.

Our programs and services include:

We know that being in a hospital and away from your home can cause a certain amount of anxiety, but while you are at St. Dominic's we will do everything in our power to put you at ease.
Check out these unique stories of patient and staff encounters at St. Dominic's.