Health and Wellness

Realizing most hospital stays today are not a result of disease but of unhealthy lifestyle choices, St. Dominic's takes an active role in teaching individuals to take responsibility for their own health.  Disease prevention and reducing or eliminating risk factors within each individual are at the forefront of all St. Dominic's outreach services.  Our wellness programs encourage you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, to stay active through exercise, enrichment and social activities, and to seek more holistic approaches to optimal health and well-being.

Well & Aware

In addition to our clinical services, St. Dominic's offers classes and programs designed to fit your wellness needs.  No matter your age, fitness level or stage of life, we encourage you to get involved and improve your health through our Healthy Weight Advantage weight management program, The Club at St. Dominic'sNew Directions for Over 55 and The Spa at St. Dominic's.  If you're expecting, you and your spouse can choose from a number of classes--from Prepared Childbirth, to Breastfeeding, to Infant CPR and Car Seat Safety---all designed to thoroughly prepare you both for your new arrival.

Support Groups

No matter what life-changing experiences come your way, you may find comfort and hope in sharing feelings and concerns about your situation with others who've had similar circumstances.  Support groups help by bringing you together to facilitate discussions, by teaching you coping skills for your disease or situation and by giving you a sense that you are not alone.

A number of support groups meet monthly on St. Dominic's campus.  They are free to the public and are led by professionals who understand what you are going through and have the resources to help you.  In turn, you may inspire someone else and give hope to someone during a difficult time.

Access our Classes & Events Calendar at right for description of upcoming classes, events and support group meetings.