Care-A-Van and Community Health Clinic Ministries

St. Dominic's reaches beyond its hospital walls and into the community to meet the health needs of the underserved.  This is accomplished through the Care-A-Van mobile health screening program and the Community Health Clinic in Jackson's inner city.

In segments of the community where there is an identified need, the 42-foot Care-A-Van targets both city and county public and parochial schools plus Boys and Girls Clubs conducting basic health screenings and education programs for children. The majority of the children screened come from families who don't have access, or do not utilize available preventive health care resources. A typical screening includes checks for vision and hearing problems, appropriate height and weight, blood pressure and scoliosis. When potential health problems are found, both the school and parents are notified so that appropriate referrals and proper treatment can be given. 

As part of its mission to assist the elderly, the Care-A-Van provides blood pressure checks at nine senior adult community centers each month and an additional screening or an educational program is provided at each center monthly. In addition, the Care-A-Van serves annually as a first aid station at the Mississippi Senior Olympics, at a large local flea market, faith-based community health fairs and other community events where large numbers of people are present.

The Care-A-Van records over 12,000 direct contacts with children and senior adults at risk for health problems each year.  These contacts represent over 2,000 hours of service from the Care-A-Van staff and volunteers.

St. Dominic's Community Clinic was established to serve the homeless and working poor who cannot afford basic medical care.

In addition to providing primary health services, the clinic's purpose is also to lead members of the community to make healthier lifestyle choices. It is staffed by a consultative family practice physician, a full-time family nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, counselor, security and volunteer nurses and physicians.

Patients to St. Dominic's Community Health Clinic are welcomed with no appointment necessary. Primary health care services include routine checkups, treatment of acute illnesses, sports or employment physicals, eye exams by an opthalmologist, limited chronic care, nutrition counseling, waived lab testing, scheduling of lab, x-ray or other diagnostic services or referrals for specialty care and social services, plus assistance with prescriptions, supplies and equipment.

The clinic also provides a variety of educational programs for children, adolescents and adults in an effort to promote disease prevention and safety among this segment of the population.

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