“I always dreaded going to my annual physical appointment”

Patient: Dwight Sprayberry

Dwight Before HWA After HWA
Weight 292 lbs 200 lbs
Shirt Size XXXL XL
Waist Size 50" 38"
Physical Activity Minimal Walking, Jogging

I always dreaded going to my annual physical appointment with my physician because he would remind me that I was moving in the wrong direction as far as my health was concerned. I was taking medicine for blood pressure, cholesterol and a fluid pill. Before I left my appointment, my physician told me about a program at St. Dominic’s called “Healthy Weight Advantage” and said I was a good candidate for the program. The first week I lost 10 pounds. Some weeks I would lose three pounds, and some weeks it would be seven pounds. In five months, I lost a total of 92 pounds.

I am no longer taking medicine and now only take vitamins. My energy level even increased to where I was jogging again when I had not jogged in years. I have kept off 65 pounds of the 92 pounds, and I feel better now than I did when I was 25. This is the best weight loss program EVER, and I have tried them all.

Thanks, Healthy Weight Advantage!

Dwight Sprayberry

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