Research and Technological Advances

The Mississippi Heart and Vascular Institute has been involved in several research studies that have made an imprint in cardiac and vascular medicine. Most recently, physicians from MHVI participated in Avinger’s Connect II Trial which tested the peripheral vascular device, Ocelot. MHVI physicians enrolled and performed more successful procedures while testing this device than at any other site world wide. Read more.

The Mississippi Heart and Vascular Institute at St. Dominic’s has been chosen as the primary site to begin the VISION Trial. This trial will test the device Pantheris, an atherectomy device with imaging capabilities. Enrollment will begin the later part of 2013. Read more.

St. Dominic’s cardiovascular surgeon, Huey B. McDaniel, is the first in the state to utilize pharmacogenics to genetically test patients before placing them on medications that could have devastating outcomes, or possibly death. Read more.

Other research and trials that MHVI has participated:

  • Xience V USA Trial
  • Xience V DAPT Study
  • St. Jude Quickflex Left Heart Pacing Lead Post Approval Study
  • AGA-PFO Occluder Device Access Registry
  • Abbott-Jostent Coronary Stent Graft and Jostent Graftmaster Humanitarian Device
  • St. Jude Medical Analyze ST IDE
  • Chocolate Balloon Angioplasty Registry