Get a Heart Health Check-Up

St. Dominic’s offers ways to help you take control of your heart health.  Take action today.

Healthy Heart Screening

Participate in St. Dominic’s Healthy Heart program for a $99 heart risk assessment.  Find out if you are at risk for heart disease with a complete assessment that includes:

  • A calcium score – HeartSaver CT scan (non-invasive)
  • A lipid panel: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose
  • An electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • A peripheral vascular assessment
  • A blood pressure evaluation
  • A stroke risk assessment
  • A body composition: Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • A nutritional consult
  • A consult with a cardiac nurse

Call 601-200-8000 to schedule an appointment.


“I was so excited to know St. D offered couples screening. My husband would not have went unless we went together. Thanks so much for giving us a peace of mind. It was a great experience.”
St. Dominic's Patient, Healthy Heart
“I would like to commend Leigh Gault for her role in my visit. She was knowledgeable, kind and very patient in answering my questions. I am grateful for her leadership and assisting in this matter. She represents the St. Dominic system in an exemplary manner.”
St. Dominic's Patient, Healthy Heart
“Beating heart disease is on my top 10 bucket list. This screening helped me learn about and better understand my risk factors; and what to do to protect my heart. It affirmed that I am headed in the right direction. Thanks, St D.”
St. Dominic's Patient, Healthy Heart