Patient:  Kenneth Richmond

“My Legs Are My Money”

Kenneth Richmond drives a truck and delivers packages almost every day. He loves seeing the people on his route, meeting new people, and the freedom of being out and about. He also likes the security of a good job that enables him to maintain a home for his family.

All of that was nearly ended when an injury cascaded into a series of subsequent problems that made it nearly impossible for Richmond to continue working without additional help. Dr. Huey McDaniel and the vascular team at St. Dominic’s were able to get Richmond back on his feet, literally, and back to work.

How It All Began

Richmond’s ability to work one day came to halt when he received an injury to the head that required emergency surgery. After surgery Richmond developed blood clots in his legs. The clots caused so much pain and swelling that Richmond could hardly walk, much less work.

“The blood clots in my legs were blocking my blood flow,” Kenneth Richmond said. “I am a delivery man, my legs are my money.”

“The first thing that Kenneth said when I met him was ‘Doc. you gotta help me get back to work,’” said Dr. Huey McDaniel, Vascular Surgeon.

The Turning Point

“We took him to the endovascular suite and we were able to remove the clots,” Dr. McDaniel said.

Dr. McDaniel specializes in pinpointing areas of the body where blood is not flowing properly and identifying the best course of action to get things moving smoothly again. He is part of a comprehensive combination of doctors, staff members, and specialty equipment and medications that are dedicated to relieving vascular ailments.

Recovery and Life After Open Heart Surgery

“Kenneth’s recovery progressed quickly,” Dr. McDaniel said.
Kenneth Richmond was soon up and walking again. Once the clots were cleared out the swelling and pressure went down and Richmond was able to return to normal activities and work.

“Now every step I take I thank God and St. Dominic’s,” Richmond said.

“Now every step I take I thank God and St. Dominic’s.”

More About Kenneth

Who was your primary doctor during treatment at St. Dominic’s Hospital?
Huey McDaniel, M.D.