Understanding AIDET

AIDET is a framework for St. Dominic’s staff to communicate with patients and their families as well as with each other. It is a simple acronym that represents a very powerful way to communicate with people who are often nervous, anxious and feeling vulnerable. It can also be used as we communicate with other staff and colleagues, especially when we are providing an internal service.



As a St. Dominic’s employee committed to patient care, every time you meet a patient, acknowledge her presence:
• Stop what you are doing and provide a visible sign that you acknowledge the patient
• Call the patient by name and welcome her to your location
• Make eye contact and smile


Introduce yourself by name and title:
• State and explain YOUR ROLE in the care of the patient
• When applying the patient’s armband, identify the patient by asking the patient to say his full name and date of birth
• Read out loud the patient’s first and last name and last three digits from each document or item       used to match the order, test, treatment, medication, procedure, transport, or diet to the patient.


Keep in touch to ease waiting times. Let others know if there is a delay and how long it will be. Make it better and apply service recovery methods when necessary.


Advise others what you are doing, how procedures work and whom to contact if they need assistance. Communicate any steps they may need to take. Make words work. Talk, listen and learn. Make time to help. Ask, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Thank You

Thank somebody. Foster an attitude of gratitude. Thank people for their patronage, help or assistance. Use reward and recognition tools.