Community Benefit and Needs

St. Dominic’s seeks to fulfill its mission by establishing community and performing service in the name of Jesus Christ. That means giving of time, talents, and resources to make our communities better places to live. The St. Dominic’s family of caregivers not only serves patients, but also contributes to an atmosphere of care and compassion for those outside the hospital’s walls. St. Dominic’s strives to not only provide care for the sick but also to offer education and wellness services to the community in order to improve the health status of those around us and eliminate risk factors for more serious health problems.

Every three years St. Dominic’s conducts an assessment of the wellness and needs of community members as well as available resources to fulfill their needs. The resulting document is known as the Community Health Needs Assessment and is used as a blueprint over the succeeding years to develop or support programs and services aimed at fulfilling the identified needs. Click on the link below to view the most recent report.
Community Health Needs Assessment for St. Dominic Hospital
On an annual basis St. Dominic Health Services produces a Community Benefit Report that details its efforts to fulfill the needs of the community during the prior year. Click on the links below to view available Community Benefit Reports.