Minimally invasive cardiac surgery patients whose procedure is done through the radial artery in their wrist can now recover in the St. Dominic’s Radial Lounge while resting in a chair and watching a personal flat screen television.

“Technology and ingenuity continue to evolve the types of procedures and outcomes we can provide patients,” said D. Russell Young, Interventional Cardiologist at St. Dominic’s. “Cardiac procedures have changed from open and very invasive to a minimally invasive catheter-based procedure with access to the heart through an artery in the groin to now being able to access the heart from an artery in the wrist.”

The first two patients that had access to the lounge on Monday, April 15 seemed comfortable as they reclined in their chairs watching sports.

“This procedure is not new, but at St. Dominic’s we have now improved the patient experience, in a center that is already tailored to this mode of heart cath,” said Young.
Johnny Morrow of Jackson, one of the patients recovering in the lounge on Monday said, “From the moment I woke up I did not know I was in the hospital. It was more of a lounge setting, an excellent atmosphere. Very comfortable.”

Open procedures and procedures that access the heart through the groin require patients to lie flat for several hours afterward. The radial procedure allows the patient to sit up and recover and St. Dominic’s is providing the café-like setting and comfortable lounge chairs for them.