In February St. Dominic’s welcomed two new additions to its team of educators – SimNewB and Sim Man 3G, full-body patient simulators from Laerdal Simulation.
The SimMan 3G is a wireless adult mannequin with advanced clinical functionality that brings greater realism into scenario-based training to enhance learning for multiple healthcare disciplines.

“The SimMan 3G is an established method of instruction and assists in validation of staff competency in a controlled environment,” said Jennifer Williams, RN, BSN, RN Educator Supervisor at St. Dominic’s. “Simulation training is proven to enhance patient safety. We are truly excited to include patient simulation in our orientation and on-going training.”

The SimMan 3G features breathing sounds; an extensive EKG library; simulation for insertion of IV catheter, nasogastric tube and urinary catheter; evaluation of pulse, blood pressure and pulse oximetry; and bleeding and wound simulation. It also has realistic pupillary responses to light, blinking eyes, nasal and ear fluids and can foam at the mouth. The patient simulator also detects depth, release and frequency of compression while at the same time provides real time feedback on quality of CPR.

The Sim Man 3G is able to recognize medication and respiratory treatment and respond physiologically to them as well as demonstrate seizure activity. The Drug Recognition System allows students to administer drugs simultaneously. It registers the amount, speed and type of drug automatically and applies the appropriate response, saving the instructor time and improving the overall intelligent debrief.

The SimNewB, a 7 pound, 21 inch female baby simulator, features realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback. The newborn simulator is designed to meet the training requirements of neonatal ??emergency medicine and resuscitation courses, including the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. A wide ?variety of patient conditions can be simulated ranging from a limp, cyanotic newborn with no vital signs, to a moving, crying newborn.