St. Dominic’s Employee Resource Portal

Thank you for visiting St. Dominic’s Employee Resource Portal. This portal is available to St. Dominic employees and is provided as a free resource. If you need further information regarding use of this portal, please contact the Human Resources department.

Employee/Manager Self-Service

As a St. Dominic Employee you have already been provided with access to Employee Self-Service. The purpose of the self-service web site is to allow employees and managers to view their payroll and personal information and update the information from anywhere. With self-service employees are able to update their home address, emergency contacts, education, work phone and email address online. Employees can view their current benefits, flexible spending accounts, pay checks, pay rate history, and leave balances. Using the payment modeling tool, employees can see the potential impact of financial planning decisions on their take-home pay.

If you are a manager then Manager Self-Service allows you to review current information for your direct reports. To access Manager Self-Service simply click on the link for Employee Self-Service. The manager bookmark menus are in the same location as Employee Self-Service. You can follow the Employee Self-Service Guide to locate the manager menus. Status changes are now handled through Dominet by going to Departments > Human Resources > Manager’s Tools > Employee Status Changes.

We hope Employee/Manager Self-Service becomes an important part of your experience at St. Dominic’s. It is our goal to make your personal information more accessible to you, in order to serve you better – and hopefully make your life a little easier.

Mobile Employee

Employees with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet may now enjoy self-service through the Mobile Employee app. The app is available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Click on the link for the Mobile Employee Guide to learn more.

Additional Questions?

You may direct any questions to the St. Dominic Human Resources at 601-200-6734 during normal business hours.

Use your existing hospital Active Directory user ID and password to log in to the Employee Self-Service site. Every employee already has an ID on the network. If you do not know your user ID or have forgotten your password, then click on Forgot My Password or call the St. Dominic Information Technology Help Desk at 601-200-4000 for assistance.
Click on the link to Employee Self-Service > Login > Globe icon > Bookmarks > Employee Self-Service > Personal Information > Address Change. Enter an effective date. The system will not take future dated changes. Make corrections using letters and numbers only. Special characters such as commas or dashes are not allowed and will result in an error message. Click Update and you will receive an Update Complete message. Name changes and other information corrections will continue to be submitted on the Change Information form located in Employee Self Service or Dominet on Human Resources page. Please verify your address and make necessary changes before the end of the year to avoid delays of your W2. If you have any questions, you may contact Human Resources at 601-200-6734 during normal business hours.
Once you have successfully logged in to Employee Self-Service, you may have questions about your personal information. Questions of this kind should be directed to the Human Resources department. You may contact Human Resources at 601-200-6734 during normal business hours.
All of the data transmitted to and from the site is encrypted. Encryption is the translation of data into a secret code. This is an effective way to achieve data security. Data, whether it’s the user ID or password during logon or the personal data coming back to their browser, is never sent across the internet in the “clear”. Through the use of encryption, all communications across the Internet between the user’s browser and the server is “scrambled” so that anyone who might intercept the data cannot read or make sense of any of the captured data. As a user of the system, you must also do your part to keep your information private. Never give your password to anyone. Ensure that you log out of Employee Self-Service before leaving the computer. Guard your personal information well! In many cases, identity theft is not the result of computer hacking, but from people being careless with their personal information. Use common sense and be cautious.