St. Dominic’s Family Medicine-Clinton
728 Clinton Parkway, Suite B
Clinton, MS  39056

(601) 200-4800

Monday – Friday | 8 AM to 5 PM

Family Doctors as Trusted as the Name that Stands Behind Them

Our physicians are trained in a wide range of medical disciplines and can provide continuing, comprehensive care for you and your family – from physicals to flu shots. They understand the value of preventive medicine and consider themselves your partner in maintaining your good health. As part of St. Dominic Hospital, St. Dominic’s Clinic offers the best of a small, personalized clinic environment backed by all the resources and specialized expertise of St. Dominic Hospital.

    • On-Site X-Ray/Lab
    • Annual Physical
    • Sports/School Physical
    • STD Screening
    • Disease Identification and Management
    • Acute Sickness Treatment


      • B12
      • Tetanus/Diptheria
      • Flu
      • Pneumonia
      • Whooping Cough
      • Hepatitis A and B
      • Pneumococcal
      • Rotavirus
      • MMR
      • Chicken Pox
      • Gardisil (HPV)
      • Meningococcal

Minor Surgeries

      • Wart/Mole removal
      • Sutures
      • In-grown toe nail
      • Skin Biopsy
      • Joint injections

To make an appointment, call (601) 200-4800.

Please be prepared to tell the receptionist the specific nature of your problem so you can be scheduled for an appropriate amount of time with your doctor.

At your appointment:

Please bring all of your prescription medications. If this is your first visit with us, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.


We accept most insurance. To learn more about the specific insurance plans we accept or if you have specific questions regarding our financial policy, please ask our Patient Care Services Representative.

Phone Requests:

Routine questions and requests for prescription refills are taken only during office hours. All patient records are confidential. No patient information will be released without a signed release. Medication refill requests should be made during normal office hours. We will not refill narcotic or controlled drugs when the office is closed.