(October 24, 2016, Jackson, Miss.) Antoine Keller, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at St. Dominic Hospital, recently became the first surgeon in Mississippi to perform a fully robotic pulmonary lobectomy. This procedure has shown to promote shorter hospital stays, less pain and a faster recovery for patients requiring surgical removal of cancer.

“Once diagnosed with lung cancer, many patients must first undergo surgical removal of the tumor,” Keller said. “The ability to remove part or an entire lobe of the lung robotically allows patients already facing this difficult diagnosis to experience less discomfort and have hope for faster recovery.”

During robotic lung surgery, tiny incisions are made where a camera and instruments more agile and flexible than the human hand are inserted. The surgeon controls these instruments and is able to remove the tumor with better visualization and complete precision.

“Surgeons who are skilled at robotic lung surgery now have greater accessibility to cancerous tumors in the lung,” Keller said. “The tools allow us to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue with such accuracy and exactness and this is better for our patients and provides superior surgical outcomes.”

About St. Dominic’s

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