Patient Assistance

St. Dominic Hospital is proud to introduce the Patient Access Center, an improved way to coordinate inpatient care for your patients. The Patient Access Center will be open 24/7 to assist you in placing your patients at St. Dominic Hospital.

  • 601-200-2777 (local)
  • 855-200-7771 (toll free)
  • 601-200-6671 (fax)
Use of the Patient Access Center offers many benefits to both the physician and the patient.

  • Staffed by highly trained and experienced registered nurses
  • Assurance that your patient will be placed in the right level of care upon admission to the facility
  • Ability to accept verbal orders from the admitting/accepting physician
  • Can assist in facilitating transfers with our Hospitalists as well as other physicians on staff at St. Dominic’s
  • Provides physicians an accurate assessment of current bed availability

The Patient Access Center will not coordinate admission or transfer for some circumstances. Please continue to use existing protocols for the following:

  • Stroke Alert Program
  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Outpatient infusions that may require a bed
  • Cath Lab procedures
  • Behavioral Health Services

The Patient Access Center will work with each of the above units to assist in placing these patients.

  1. When contacting the Patient Access Center for a direct admit from your office or a transfer, please have the following information ready:
    • Patient’s full legal name, date of birth and social security number if possible
    • Diagnosis or chief complaint
    • Relevant past medical history
    • A best telephone number for us to reach you
  2. Call 601-200-2777 and a Patient Placement nurse will perform the initial intake
  3. The Patient Access Center will coordinate acceptance of transferring patients with an accepting physician
  4. If the patient can be accepted, we will assign a bed for the patient
  5.  Fax admission orders to the Patient Access Center
Our goal is to provide every caller with the best experience possible and to place your patient at St. Dominic Hospital in the correct status and in a timely manner. All calls into and out of the Center will be recorded so that we can ensure the best experience possible. We welcome any comments at any time.

Please contact:
Rodney McCoy
Director – Patient Access Services
[email protected]