Healthy Lives program of St. Dominic’s

Healthy Lives is a comprehensive outcomes based population health and wellness program based on a best-practice, holistic model of care rooted in evidence based medicine.

The Healthy Lives program of St. Dominic’s is offered to all St. Dominic’s employees and their spouses who are enrolled on the St. Dominic’s medical insurance plan. This program features annual health screenings, monthly health and wellness information and health coaching with registered nurses and registered dietitians.

Healthy Lives of St. Dominic’s is also offered to businesses who are interested in implementing a population health management program to improve their employees’ health and productivity while reducing health care spending. Healthy Lives has four components: data analytics and interpretation, health risk assessments, wellness services and professional health coaches/care managers who are registered nurses and dietitians. Our programs are tailored for each employer, delivering custom built, data driven corporate health and wellness services. Healthy Lives helps employers improve their bottom line through an unparalleled combination of deep clinical expertise, personal service, and comprehensive solutions.

St. Dominic’s has partnered with Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady (FMOL) Health System, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to provide the Healthy Lives program to employers in the Jackson area.

FMOL has seen great success using the Healthy Lives Program among its own employees with over a 75 percent participation rate among its 11,000 employees. Since 2010 FMOL’s health system has realized a savings of $21 million over projected costs and has had no premium increase for members in the last three years.

The Healthy Lives program is offered in 40 organizations throughout 10 states, with companies ranging from 30 to 10,000 employees. A variety of industries have adopted the program, including government and municipalities, oil and gas, education, manufacturing, banking and health care.

The program offers employers many benefits, including:

  • Improved employee health
  • Reduced health care spending (over time)
  • Improved workplace productivity
  • Decreased missed work days due to illness
  • Improved employee satisfaction

Analytics and Consulting

The Healthy Lives program offers analytics based on integrated data from medical and pharmacy claims, biometric and lab data, health risk assessment, as well as health coaching and care management documentation to provide employers with a comprehensive profile of their population’s health risks and value based opportunities. The Healthy Lives team uses this data to develop a targeted approach to health, well-being and care management. Our health coaches work within our analytics tool to review members’ medical histories and health risk assessments and develop tailored interventions in conjunction with providers to offer a “team” approach to coordinated care.

Health Assessment and Screening

Members are asked to complete an online health assessment questionnaire and complete an on site health screening with a Healthy Lives Health Coach. Information from the screening and risk assessment will be used with other data to model the risk and create a personal health report for each employee. While an aggregate report using this information is provided to the organization for a complete health profile of its workforce, all individual medical information is private and kept in an off site data warehouse.

Wellness Services

Healthy Lives offers wellness services that are customized for a company and its employees that include incentives, education and clinical expertise.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is offered to all high and moderate health risk participants, and available to all Healthy Lives members by local registered nurses and dieticians, who will educate, inspire and motivate participants toward reaching their health goals. Health coaches will also work collaboratively with a member’s health care provider when needed.

  • Membership is available to all St. Dominic’s employees and their spouses who are enrolled on St. Dominic’s medical insurance plan.
  • Individual Healthy Lives Memberships are available as an added service to all members of St. Dominic’s New Directions for Over 55 program, and of The Club at the following locations: St. Dominic’s, Lake Harbor, Madison and Township.