Diabetes Program at St. Dominic’s

The Mission of St. Dominic’s Diabetes Center’s Program is to measurably and significantly impact the care and quality of life of our patients by providing evidence-based glycemic care, equipping them to manage their disease, and to appropriately transition their care to their primary care physicians.

St. Dominic’s Diabetes Center has held The Joint Commission  Certificate of Distinction status for Advanced Certification in Inpatient Diabetes since 2013. St. Dominic’s is one of only 84 certified centers for Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Care in the United States and 1 of 2 in the state of Mississippi.

St. Dominic’s Diabetes Center provides care and education for the inpatient and outpatient with known diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes. The scope of care, treatment and services encompasses medical-surgical, behavioral health, and obstetrical and neonatal services. St. Dominic’s Diabetes Center follows the clinical practice guidelines approved by the American Diabetes Association and published as Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-2013. St. Dominic’s inpatient diabetes program is accredited by The Joint Commission.

The Standards of Medical Care are used as a guideline to screen, assess, diagnose, treat, educate, and provide discharge planning and on-going patient/family support. The patient’s level of understanding is assessed, addressed and reviewed prior to discharge. Assessment and education encompasses the following areas:

  • Diabetes diagnosis
  • Sick-day management
  • Use and disposal of needles and syringes
  • Medication administration times
  • Nutritional guidelines
  • SMBG goals
  • Definition, recognition, treatment and prevention of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia
  • Foot Care

The Diabetes center follows a glycemic pathway to capture all patients admitted with a history of diabetes as well as patients who are admitted in a pre-diabetic state. Patients receiving enteral nutrition and/or receiving immunosuppressives, glucocorticoids or octreotide are screened for glycemic control and provided evidence-based care as needed.

Out-patient follow-up visits are scheduled with the patient’s primary care provider or endocrinologist for all patients exhibiting hyperglycemia in the hospital. Patients who do not have a PCP are scheduled with one at discharge.

St. Dominic’s offers outpatient educational classes to those with a known diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes with a physician referral.

Patient Satisfaction surveys are given to patients/families regarding their diabetes care and used as a guide for improvement.

Diabetes is a chronic illness that requires continuing medical care and on-going patient management education and support to prevent acute complications and to reduce the risk of long-term complications. (Diabetes Care, Vol.35, supplement 1, January 2013)

Know the symptoms and arm yourself with the tools needed to manage this chronic illness.

Contacts for additional information:

Diabetes Center (601) 200-6641
Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi www.msdiabetes.org (877) 336-2873
American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org (800) 342-2283
Joslin Diabetes Center www.joslin.org (617) 309-2400
National Diabetes Education Program ndep.nih.gov (800) 438-5383