Patient:  Brandon B. Evans

“My decision was easy: I’ll lose the weight if you show me how”

Brandon B. Evans

Brandon Before HWA After HWA
Weight 268.6 lbs 200.6 lbs
Clothes Pants 46, Shirt 3XL Shirt XL
Health 5 Blood Pressure Meds, Edema of Foot, Possible Sleep Apnea Sleeps Soundly
Physical Activity Eating All Day Works Out 6 Days a Week

Weight Loss: 68 lbs!

“After having an incurable edema in my right foot, dealing with hypertension for five years, taking five expensive blood pressure medicines and about to be placed on a CPAP machine, I was desperate.

I recently changed family physicians, and he gave me the options to lose weight of be placed on the CPAP machine. My decision was easy: I’ll lose the weight if you show me how.

I began St. Dominic’s Healthy Weight Advantage and I haven’t looked back. The program is wonderful. It consists of a very knowledgeable and passionate staff that cares about their patients and wants you to lose the weight more than you do at times.

The meals are delicious and can be incorporated into anyone’s busy schedule. The program itself promotes a gradual lifestyle change. Those are the ingredients to make the program so successful.

I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight or just improve their overall health. I truly thank God for this program because it has changed my life, habits and thinking. My weight has dropped significantly, I’m not taking any medication and my confidence has soared.”  ~ Brandon B. Evans

St. Dominic’s – Healthy Weight Advantage Weight Loss Program