Patient:  Carolyn Miller

“They Healed Me”

The warning signs of cancer are not something to be taken lightly. Routine check-ups and self-exams of your breast could be the one thing that helps save your life. Carolyn Miller, a patient at St. Dominic’s and a breast cancer survivor, was fortunate that her cancer was detected after finding a lump during a self-exam.

How It All Began

After doing a routine self breast exam, Miller found a lump in her breast. She made an appointment with her primary care physician, who then made her an appointment with Dr. Reginald Martin, who performed a breast biopsy.

The Turning Point

Miller anxiously awaited the results of her biopsy. The results came back positive for breast cancer.

“Carolyn and I sat down and we mapped out a plan for her care,” Martin said.

Recovery and Life After Open Heart Surgery

“Carolyn Miller is nearly five years out and is still cancer free,” Martin said.

“I was never afraid, because God had placed me with the right people in the right place, which was St. Dominic’s,” Miller said.

“I was never afraid, because I knew God have placed me… in the right place, which was St. Dominic’s’”

More About Carolyn

Who was your primary doctor during treatment at St. Dominic’s Hospital?
Reginald Martin, MD