Patient:  Heather Garka

I weighed 348 lbs. and was completely out of control

Heather Garka

Weight Loss: 169 lbs!

When I first came to Healthy Weight Advantagee, I weighed 348 pounds and was completely out of control. I felt defeated.

I committed myself to the program, which gave me immediate and consistent results. I have lost 120 pounds twice in my life, but thanks to the support offered through this program, I believe this time the weight will stay off.

It has been a long process for me because I had so much weight to lose, but the staff at Healthy Weight Advantage has been so supportive and encouraging through every step of my journey. I cannot express my gratitude for this program; there just aren’t words.

This program has changed my life, and I hope that others like me will have the courage to try it and change their own lives! After losing 169 pounds, today I weigh 179 pounds. I smile every time I see my reflection in the mirror, every time I put on normal sized clothes and every time I make a healthy food choice! Life is good and now I will be around longer to live it.

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