Patient: Lori Newcomb

St. Dominic’s Cancer Center

Our Inspiration…

Getting Lori back to her family

Lori Newcomb is an active mother of three and the caretaker for her family. She has always placed everyone else’s busy lives first, even when she sensed something was not right within herself. When she could no longer ignore the difference in the way she felt, she spoke with her gynecologist. After listening to her symptoms, he told her that he thought she had ovarian cancer. That day, her doctor referred her to a Gynecologic Oncologist at St. Dominic’s for further testing. Lori was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer.

Today, Lori is grateful for the team of nurses who she says took time to get to know her, comfort her and stand by her throughout her journey. She says their time was probably the most precious gift they could give to her. “My nurses stepped into the roles of caregivers and prayer warriors,” Lori said.

“Your Nurses are your Angels, They helped me to learn to take care of myself.”

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