Patient: Lorraine Barnes

Cancer Services

Our Inspiration…

Getting Lorraine to her daughter’s wedding

After having a lump removed from her breast following her high school graduation, Lorraine Barnes was always alert and aware of her breast health, making sure to never miss an annual mammogram or mammogram ultrasound as recommended by her physician. That’s why when Lorraine was that she had breast cancer she was in shock and described the moment as “surreal.” Her daughter was engaged to be married, and Lorraine worried they would have to postpone the wedding. When she came to St. Dominic’s for treatment she described her physician as “the best thing that happened to her.” Her physician reassured her that everything was going to be alright and the only thing she needed to do was find a wig! Lorraine was able to be there for her daughter’s wedding, and her biggest worry now is “how to keep up with her granddaughter!”

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