Patient:  Shawn Clark

“I lost 107 lbs. in eight months. I feel like a new me and I love it!”

Shawn Clark

Shawn Clark

Weight Loss: 107 lbs!

“Before starting the program, I had a number of chronic health conditions, on top of being significantly overweight, that were having a major negative impact on my quality of life. I could barely walk 20 feet without feeling winded and breaking out in sweats. Forget about taking the stairs because it simply was not going to happen!

I knew I needed to lose weight, but every time I tried on my own I’d lose a little weight then gain it back. I knew I needed help to lose the weight and successfully keep it off. When I asked my physicians about weight loss options, my rheumatologist and internist both recommended St. Dominic’s Healthy Weight Advantage program.

At first I was a little skeptical because I wondered what made this program any different from all the other diets. I came to learn it is so much more than a diet. This program offered everything I needed to stay motivated and stick with it over time. For the most part, I have followed the program to the letter, including diet and exercise, and have lost 107 pounds in eight months!

Losing the weight has improved my overall quality of life, my mood and the way I feel about myself. My chronic health issues have remitted and my blood pressure is within normal range. Walking longer distances and taking the stairs are now part of my everyday life. Thanks to this program and its staff, I feel like a new me and I love it!”

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