Patient:  Sherana Tucker

“A Double Emergency”

Sherana Tucker was a pregnant young woman who had already delivered two healthy children. She soon learned you should never ignore the body’s warning signs.

“The situation was very severe. It was very scary because I had already been diagnosed with kidney disease, ” Sherana said.

How It All Began

When Sherana arrived at St. Dominic’s she was 36 weeks pregnant and had already experienced complications with her kidneys during her previous pregnancy. Tucker had started feeling pain and was starting to lose blood, it became evident that she had had a placental abruption. The baby had to be delivered immediately to ensure that it had a proper supply of oxygen

The Turning Point

If her physician, Shane Sims, MD and the staff at St. Dominic’s had not acted as quickly as they did, the outcome could have been much different for Sherana and her child.

Sherana suffered a large amount of blood loss and had to receive blood transfusions.

“Knowing that we were at St. Dominic’s and knowing that we had the support staff available, that is what made the difference in this situation,” said Dr. Sims.

Recovery and Life After Open Heart Surgery

Today, Sherana and her son are sharing their lives with their family (husband and two other children). They are both healthy and are grateful for the care they received. “I truly believe that St. Dominic’s saved my baby’s life and my life,” Tucker said.

“I truly believe that St. Dominic’s saved my baby’s life and my life.”

More About Sherana

Who was your primary doctor during treatment at St. Dominic’s Hospital?
Shane Sims, MD