Dr. Clay Hays, Interventional Cardiologist with Jackson Heart, treats patients in Cleveland, MS via St. Dominic’s Telemedicine Clinic. Telemedicine provides much needed access to specialty care in rural Mississippi.

Tele-Stroke Program

The Tele-Stroke program provides people in rural communities with the same level of stroke care afforded to people who live in large, metropolitan areas. We provide timely access to specialists who make quick decisions about stroke treatment, and we have seen the health and wellness of communities improve as a result. We are most proud of the excellent patient outcomes we have experienced through the use of this program.

  • Established in 2013
  • Locations: Kosciusko, Brookhaven, Laurel, Greenville, Greenwood and Cleveland
  • In 3 years, over 400 acute stroke patients have been treated using this technology
  • St. Dominic’s expertise is extended into rural communities using Tele-Stroke
    • St. Dominic’s is the only Comprehensive Stroke Center in Mississippi
    • Participates in the Statewide System of Care for Stroke as a Level 1 Stroke Center
    • Received the Gold Plus Achievement and Target Stroke Elite Awards from the American Heart Association
    • Received 5 stars in Health Grades
    • Ranked in the top 10 percent in the nation for treatment of stroke in 2015
    • Received 2015 Stroke Care Excellence Award

Clinical Outreach Program

The purpose of our Tele-Clinics is to provide much-needed specialties to communities that otherwise would not have access to these specialty physicians. Allowing patients to remain in their community increases treatment compliance and overall experience. Telemedicine clinics allow easier accommodations from providers increasing their accessibility to those in need.

  • Established in 2015
  • Locations: Brookhaven, Cleveland and Vicksburg
  • Specialties: Cardiology, Neurology and ENT
  • 97 percent overall patient satisfaction




“All that I have to say is that I thank God that I don’t have to come to Jackson to see my doctor. I can relax and just enjoy seeing his face on the screen. It is just like he is in the room with me.”



“I had a great experience with the Telemedicine program at St. Dominic’s! The nurses were very professional and made me comfortable.”



“This was the best experience I've had with the whole staff and doctor. Thank you for that!”